Colourful and handmade because I love it, for sale because I can't keep it all!

I am a British craftswoman combining traditional techniques with modern materials to create unique accessories for fun loving ladies looking for a cheerful splash of colour in ‘A Little Trinket’.

And not just jewellery either but the one theme you will notice is colour. I'm drawn to colour like a magpie to shiny things. Working with glass and anodised aluminium allows me to add vibrant shades to jewellery (and other items). All my pieces are intended to bring a pop of joyful colour to the wearer and a smile to the face of everyone she meets. I combine traditional (even ancient) skills like silversmithing and lampwork (I know, the Egyptians didn't have bottled propane but otherwise, little has changed) with more modern innovations such as anodised aluminium and niobium. I'm not adverse to shiny either so you will see a bit of silver in the mix too.

Everything you see in the A Little Trinket store was hand crafted by me, often from sheet metal, wire or glass rods, you won't find many mass produced findings here!

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